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Office Fit Out Projects

At T.A. Knox, we aim to provide each of our clients with exceptional service for our office fit-outs. With each office fit-out project, we have a 100% success rate of meeting project deadlines and strive to ensure that the project is completed to your standards and meets expectations. 

Here at T.A. Knox, we have received fantastic feedback from our clients located in London, Liverpool, Manchester and many more areas across the UK and can be confident in ensuring that if you are interested in an office fit-out, we’re the right team to take on the job.

What Our Office Fit-Outs Offer

Our joinery is completely bespoke thanks to the incredible skills of our in-house joinery team. For all the furniture required for your office to fit out, we will craft this in our workshop and transport it to the site. If the site isn’t located near our workshop, then we complete all of our work on-site, maintaining a professional standard that isn’t disrupted. 

We also have a team of plumbers, electricians, partitioners, ceiling fixers, decorators, carpenters and air conditioner engineers, keeping everything under one fit-out company for your office refurbishment. This helps keep the job organised and stick to the time schedule we have committed to.

Do T.A. Knox Offer Office Refurbishments?

If you already have an office space and are looking for an office refurbishment, then we are confident that we can fulfil those needs. Once you have confirmed how you want the office refurbishment to look with your designer, we will then work alongside them to ensure that everything you have asked for is correctly installed into your office and is completed to the highest of standards, as well as ensuring that the project is completed on time. 

With our office fit-outs, we can ensure that we have completed everything required to make your office space a more enjoyable place to work at, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. Office fit-outs and refurbishments are a great way to refresh your current office space, without the disruption of moving premises.

Category A and B Commercial Office Fit Outs

A Category A fit-out is the initial fittings of an office fit. This includes installations of lighting, raised flooring, fire detection systems, hot and cold feeds for water and the initial toilet fittings. This will be commissioned by a landlord so they can rent out the office space to businesses. 

Category B office fit-outs are the completed product which is operational and ready to be moved into. This will be arranged by the client and will include partitions, doors, furniture, kitchen areas, bathrooms, and branded decoration. This will be the final stage of an office fit-out so it is ready for the client and employees to move in.

Choosing T.A. Knox For Your Office Fit Out

With over 60 years of experience and over 70 members of staff working for T.A. Knox, we can confidently assure a high standard of work to be completed during each office fit-out project. To ensure you are provided with a top-quality finish, we work with the best brands in the industry for our materials and tools. Our office fit-outs ensure that the project meets your requirements and we work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the final results. At T.A. Knox, our passion is not just about completing projects, our passion comes from making our clients happy with the final results.

There are three different types of office fit-outs. Shell and Core, Cat A and Cat B.

Shell and Core - This type of office fit-out and refurbishment starts with a completely empty office, which will likely have concrete floors, walls, and ceilings - the shell and core of the office building. This type of office fit-out won’t have the facilities installed that both Cat A and Cat B have installed. Once an occupant moves in, they will need to install everything such as electrics, water feeds, lighting, and partition walls so it can then be decorated to the standard of which they would like.

Category A Fit Outs - An office fit-out company will leave a category A in a state that is ready to be moved into, but requires furniture and decoration. This will allow the occupant to design the office how they would like to. Plus, it will have hot and cold feeds already installed in the room, as well as electrical wiring. An office fit-out company will also install lighting and partition walls to the office space. If the client has requested personal branding on the walls of the office, this will also be completed.

Although Category A is ready to be moved into, it will require the furniture, doorways etc to be added for the final result. Other things that are included with an office fit-out are smoke and fire detectors, heating and air condition systems, working plug sockets, plumbing pipework, raised floorboards, suspended ceilings, and proper ventilation. All of this will be a very basic finish from an office fit-out company if requested.

Category B Fit Out - Category B office fit-outs are the complete finish and is one where the client is ready to move into. This type of office fit-out will also have all workstations installed as well as IT infrastructure. Pertaining for breakout areas, office and meeting rooms will be installed. A fully fitted kitchen with worktops, sinks and everything else will be fitted. The final design is completed with a commercial office fit-out, including the branding and decoration that the client and designer have asked for.

The duration of an office fit-out all depends on the size of the project. Some can take as little as a month to complete, whereas others can take a few months to complete. It all depends on what the client has asked for, as well as the designer, but rest assured that, no matter your timescale, at T.A. Knox, we will do all that we can to meet these deadlines.

With commercial office fit-outs, the duration will depend on what category is asked for. Both Cat A and Cat B will require an office fit-out company like us to add the final touches to the project. At T.A. Knox, not only do we want you to move into a habitable spot to work in, but we also want to ensure that all design specifications are met by the client and designer, ensuring a final result that all parties are happy with.

Sometimes, the planning process can take longer than expected with an office fit-out, simply because the interior design specifications that have been asked for are not possible. We recommend that, if you are on a tight timescale, you get the planning process secured as soon as possible.

There are multiple benefits for your employees when an office refurbishment is completed. A complete redesign of your office space allows employees to work more efficiently. It can also help reduce employee turnover, as a modern office is more desirable for an employee to work at. It will make employees want to work more after a refurbishment plus and it can help boost productivity due to a better workspace provided that is more efficient.

An office fit-out can also improve your brand image. It is important that, with your office fit-out or refurbishment, you make decisions based on your overall brand image. This is great for your business, as clients will understand you are proud of your company, creating a good initial impression. An office fit-out that improves your brand image is great all around as it can also make your employees feel like they are part of a professional and close-knit working environment.

With a new office fit-out, you are also able to make more use of the space. More space allows you to hire additional employees, allowing you to generate more revenue. This would include moving office furniture and partition walls to create more space for workstations.

One final benefit of a commercial fit-out is that it gives you the opportunity to kit out your office with the latest technology and make your office space more technologically developed.

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