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Our Ethics

At T.A. Knox, our ethics and core values influence and underpin all that we do. We measure our success across KPIs that include product, performance, people and the environment. From our commitment to delivering every job to the highest standards to the ongoing training of our staff and the development of lasting relationships with our clients to maintaining a sustainable business model that minimises our environmental footprint, T.A. Knox believes that true success in business comes from by doing the right thing, every day.

We believe that our team and the skills that they bring are one of our most valuable assets. This is why we put such a strong emphasis on creating the perfect environment for your consumer base on the completion of your project. We use a people-first approach so that the needs of your employees, customers or clientele are met in every aspect of your project.

We want to understand more about how your business works and operates so that we can identify any potential issues and ensure that they are addressed before work begins. This could be something as simple as changing the flow of traffic within a store or something more complex, such as a potential redesign. 

We’re also heavily invested in focusing on the future and sustainability. In the construction and fit-out sector, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and at T.A. Knox, we strive to provide results that meet sustainability goals and we’re always happy to include your business’s goals within our own in order to provide an ideal sustainability model.

Whether you’re focused on the entire project or have individual aspects, our team will work with you to ensure these are met. We want to build sustainable projects which not only benefit your business but the world in which we live.

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