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Hospitality Fit Out Projects

At T.A. Knox, we take pride in each hospitality fit-out, ranging from restaurants to bars. We are one of the leading commercial fit-out companies in the United Kingdom, producing top-quality finishes that reflect over 60 years of experience. 

Over the years in the construction industry, we have built an outstanding reputation and loyal relationships with our clients, providing a 100% success rate at finishing on time with each hospitality fit-out. At T.A. Knox, we understand the importance of keeping on track so deadlines aren’t missed, as extended finishing times can lead to extra fees. Our experience in the industry is something that is appreciated, with our in-house workshop providing bespoke joinery.

Understanding The Importance Of Hospitality Fit-Outs and Refurbishments

Whether you require a completely new fit-out or a hospitality refurbishment, T.A. Knox will successfully provide a high-quality finish with our experienced joiners, plumbers, decorators, air conditioning engineers, partitioners and electricians. We work alongside your interior designer, ensuring that we fulfil the expectations that have been set. Once we have the drawings and specifications in our hands, we get to work, establishing any leaps and bounds with both you and your designer. Once the analysis has been completed for the hospitality fit-out, we then have our team of joiners get to work, crafting the furniture, petition walls, bannisters and anything else that is required.

No matter what the task is, we aim to ensure that you’re happy with the finished product. This includes high-quality furnishings, professional redesigning of the current environment and rebranding the business. Our contractors ensure the design is unique and achieves a sensational transformation and, is an improvement on the space before, using our bespoke joinery to add that final unique touch that we can guarantee other restaurant and bar fit-outs do not have.

Choosing T.A. Knox For Your Hospitality Fit Out Needs

T.A. Knox has over 60 years of experience, with a unique skill set and the tools to be able to design the perfect hospitality fit-out for your bar, restaurant, bakery, or any other venue in the hospitality sector. We work with the best brands in the industry, ensuring that the materials won’t let you down. We are strong believers in paying for what you get which is why we use the best in the business for hospitality fit-outs. 

Our hospitality fit-outs are to ensure you are making the most of the space you have. Whether it is to re-brand your restaurant, bar or shop, we want to give you excellent service throughout each project, ensuring you are happy with the decisions made for your hospitality fit-out. We look forward to working with new clients, making sure they are happy with the interior finish so they use us again. 

There are many reasons to consider a hospitality fit-out with T.A. Knox, as a refurbishment is needed for every shop, restaurant, and bar eventually. If the building is over 15 to 20 years old, it’s likely time to consider a refurbishment. It is a great way to modernise your premises and bring it back to life. Plus, it allows you to improve on the existing facilities your building has.

A hospitality refurbishment is an opportunity. An opportunity that can take your building to the next level, maximising your existing space, and giving it the more modern look that your building required for many years.

Hospitality fit-outs and refurbishments are also recommended to make your building more energy-efficient as well. You can replace old water systems such as toilets, showers and taps, cutting water use massively. It is also the perfect time to improve your electrics and make them more energy efficient.

If you are a bar or restaurant and business has slowed down recently, considering a hospitality fit-out is a great opportunity to bring it back to life. This will help attract your previous customers and help attract new customers to your bar, restaurant or shop. You could also use this as a chance to install new facilities if needed.

A new refurbishment and hospitality fit-out can be costly but in the long run, it is worth the money and investment.

This question is one we have been asked a lot before a hospitality renovation or refurbishment. We understand that many businesses wouldn’t be able to cope for months without getting any business. Nevertheless, it isn’t possible for some businesses to remain open during a hospitality fit-out. It won’t be safe for some businesses to remain during this period, especially in the food and drink industry.

A hospitality fit-out needs to be completed safely and accurately. If there are customers coming in and out of a building, this may not be possible. For pubs, bars, and restaurants, we encourage owners to remain closed during the refurbishment as this will cause minimal disruption. At T.A. Knox, we have a 100% success rate at finishing on time or before the deadline given. We can assure you the project won’t overrun and that your business can be back open not long after the hospitality fit-out is completed.

The process of a hospitality fit-out and refurbishment is just like any other project. An excessive amount of planning is to be constructed before you dive in with a multi-million-pound budget. This includes reviewing the best time to complete the renovation. We recommend that you do this during the quietest time of the year so there isn’t too much revenue lost during the renovation and minimise disruption.

Once you know at which point during the year you wish to start a hospitality fit out, this is the stage where you will contact us and your designer to create a harmonious fit out plan. This will help you construct a more accurate time plan to help you know how and when it will be completed than if the two parties work separately.

Establishing your goals with a hospitality fit out and renovation is also important. It’s vital to consider what you want to achieve from this project and what the benefits will be once it is completed. You also need to take your budget into account. It is great to have all the ideas to improve your business, however, you must be realistic with the budget when considering a refurbishment as part of a hospitality fit out. You must establish your budget so you can have a more realistic overview of what to expect.

Another important factor for your hospitality fit out or refurbishment is to consider the future of your business. Buildings are designed to last for generations and this means that your fit out should be considered regularly throughout the building’s lifetime. At T.A. Knox, we do exactly that, considering the future of our planet and ensuring each fit-out is completed in the most sustainable way possible. We also advise going with a more contemporary finish, with interior designs that last a lifetime instead, of what is on trend, giving you a higher calibre of results.

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