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Hotel Refurbishments and Fit Outs

T.A. Knox is one of the leading hotel refurbishment contractors in the UK. With our extensive knowledge and experience in providing refurbishment and fit outs within the hospitality industry, we’re confident that we can deliver results of the highest quality. 

We’ve provided hotel refurbishments and fit outs for both large and independent hotel chains across the UK, working on a wide range of projects using bespoke installations and designs. With our refurbishments, we can provide fit outs and refurbishments across all areas within hotels, from bedrooms and bathrooms to bars and meeting rooms, dining and reception areas. Each of our refurbishment projects is highly unique and bespoke to your business.

Understanding The Importance Of Quality Hotel Refurbishments

In the hotel, leisure and hospitality industry, we understand the importance that appearance and atmosphere can have within these environments. At T.A. Knox, we have hands-on experience in refurbishments and hotel fit outs across the different areas within hotels, with a unique eye for detail. This ensures that the finished project is not only what you envisioned, but has been designed with the hotel user in mind, no matter if you’re planning a area-targeted renovation or large-scale hotel refurbishment. 


With each refurbishment, we start with an overall analysis of the space and style you are looking to achieve. From here, we tailor our hotel refurbishment and fit out plan based on the unique requirements of your project from your designer. With our experience, we can provide a range of solutions in order to completely transform your hotel space and make it one which not only works for your business and brand, but for guests too. 


No matter if you’re looking for a change in furnishing, decor or design, or perhaps wanting to achieve a more sensational transformation, our refurbishment and fit out contractors are on hand to deliver. We draw upon our knowledge and expertise in the industry to make sure that the hotel fit-out process is completed with attention to the finest detail. At T.A. Knox, we’re dedicated to not only providing exceptional results each time, but also ensuring that budgets and timelines are adhered to.

Bespoke Hotel Refurbishments

Our refurbishment contractors understand that each area within a hotel has different requirements. This is why we pride ourselves in providing bespoke hotel fit outs with a range of innovative solutions for each of these spaces. From ensuring that noise and sounds are contained within busier areas of a hotel to intertwining elements of branding and design within our fit-out plan, our hotel refurbishment contractors work with select brands and designers to ensure that we can add an extra level of bespoke joinery and detail to your project. 

Hotel Refurbishments and Fit Outs With T.A. Knox

A hotel refurbishment is the perfect solution to rebrand your hotel, or simply refresh and update the decor. Our hotel refurbishment contractors pride themselves on providing not only an exceptional level of service, but unrivalled results and a high level of professionalism and reliability, which we understand is of utmost importance when planning a hotel fit-out and refurbishment. 

How often a hotel needs to be refurbished is dependent upon the individual hotel. On average, most hotels should look to have refurbishments carried out at least once every 3-5 years. For some hotels, more significant refurbishments may be required to keep up with the changing markets which so often affect hotels.

Another way to get an idea of when a hotel refurbishment needs to be carried out is to listen to feedback from your guests - if you’re regularly receiving feedback that the room decor is tired or some of the more well-used areas are becoming a bit unkempt, it may be time to consider a hotel refurbishment. With hotel refurbishments, it’s important not to confuse a refurbishment with a renovation - some areas may simply require interior maintenance, such as a paint touch-up or replacement of furniture before you embark on a full-scale refurbishment.

Hotels need to be renovated to maintain a level of cleanliness and maintenance. Hotels should be fresh and up to the standard to ensure guest satisfaction is maintained. Tired and outdated hotel rooms and spaces often lead to unsatisfactory reviews from guests, plus allow other hotels to get ahead in terms of competition.

Large hotel chains, such as the Amano Hotel in London which we have previously worked on, often change and refresh their decor to ensure that it is current and appealing. Hotel refurbishments should set a hotel out from the crowd, whilst also focusing on improving guest experience.

There are three different types of hotel refurbishments and fit-outs: minimum renovations, minor renovations and major renovations.

Minimum hotel refurbishments and renovations typically are carried out every 3 years and this involves the refurbishment or the replacement of less durable equipment and is completed without changing the physical layout of the space.

Minor hotel refurbishments include the completion of any repairs and painting, plus the upgrade of carpets, furniture and accessories.

A major hotel refurbishment and renovation is carried out to increase or reduce the space within a hotel and includes a full refurbishment of the hotel space. This can include the replacement of all furniture, lighting, decor and may also involve changes to the physical space within the hotel. A major hotel refurbishment often involves the renovation of main hotel spaces such as corridors, lobby areas, washrooms and bedrooms.

There are many benefits of a hotel refurbishment. A refurbishment allows you to rebrand your hotel and attract new guests, whilst also seeing improved aesthetics, an increase in functionality and boosting revenue.

Increased Guest Satisfaction - One benefit of a hotel refurbishment is improving guest satisfaction. Ensuring that your hotel is well-designed and properly maintained helps to create a positive first impression for visiting guests and this then sets the tone for the remainder of their stay.

Improved Hotel Functionality - Another benefit of hotel refurbishment is improved functionality within the hotel space. A renovation can create more efficient spaces, making the experience for guests much smoother. A hotel refurbishment may also provide new amenities such as increased lobby space or new bars and restaurants, making the hotel more versatile and appealing to guests.

Increased Revenue - A hotel refurbishment may also lead to increased revenue, as a well-designed hotel can create a sense of luxury, making it more appealing to guests. The renovation of areas such as bars and restaurants can also strengthen revenue streams, with more people wishing to use facilities within the hotel during their stay.

The biggest difference between a hotel refurbishment and a hotel renovation is that a renovation restores something to a good standard of repair (such as repainting or fixing broken furniture), whilst a hotel refurbishment involves a full improvement through cleaning, decorating or furnishing. Renovations are often a longer-term project, targeting multiple different areas within the hotel and making significant changes. At T.A Knox, we can provide hotel refurbishments and fit-outs, as well as full renovations. For more information, contact us today.

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Over the years, we’ve built a loyal client following within the hotel industry and we look forward to making your refurbishment project become a reality. For more information on our hotel fit-outs and refurbishment projects, contact T.A. Knox today.