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TA Knox

About us

Founded by Terry Knox in 1962, TA Knox has been built on dedication, passion and…


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T.A Knox – Leading Commercial Fit Out Company

At T.A. Knox, we have over 60 years of experience working as commercial fit-out contractors. As fit-out contractors, our focus is on making our clients happy, and ensuring that they are satisfied with the results once finished. 

We offer a variety of commercial fit-out services, including retail, hospitality, office, leisure, hotels and residential fit-outs. We have longstanding clients and have worked with some of the nation’s biggest businesses, including Accor Invest, IBIS, Champneys, Hilton, The Restaurant Group, Starbucks, Wren Kitchens, FootAsylum, Manchester City Council, Handelsbanken, Reed Employment and DVSA. 

At T.A Knox, the size of the job never matters, which is why we take pride in the number of projects that we have completed, both big and small. We’re proud to work with businesses no matter their size and our commercial fit-out team are vastly experienced in working on contracts of all sizes, ensuring that budgets and timeframes are adhered to at all times. Our reputation as a leading commercial fit-out company has been built on dedication and commitment, as well as our team being extremely passionate about the industry we work in. As well-experienced and professional fit out contractors, we adapt to modern times encountering the issues the world faces and adapting to fit current affairs that are going on in the construction industry. 

We are willing to transform every space given, whether that is a hotel reception or a complete office fit-out, our job is to ensure we make the most of each space which is given to us for commercial fit-outs. There are many things we consider as a fit-out company such as product, performance, people and the environment. We take all of these into consideration and ensure we deliver to the best standard possible. Not only do we ensure we finish each job on time and to a high standard. Our fit out contractors also prioritise health and safety, guaranteeing our construction workers are in a safe environment so they don’t get distracted from the task at hand.

What We Offer As Commercial Fit-Out Company

We work alongside our clients and designers to identify any possible issues that may arise before we begin the commercial fit-out process to ensure that they are dealt with in a time-effective manner. We ensure that the goals and plans set out are not only achievable, but possible within the timeframe given. We can discuss furniture, interior layout, elevation, walls, flooring lights and other key aspects of the interior-fit out to ensure everything is in line with your expectations. During the planning stage, our commercial fit out contractors will also establish materials that will be used during the fit-out, including any opportunities for using materials which are eco-friendly. 

Office Commercial Fit-Outs

Since being founded in 1962, T.A. Knox has worked on a wide variety of projects, including office fit-outs. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the United Kingdom such as Lowry House in Manchester, DVSA, Manchester City Council, Cubic Works in Liverpool and many more. We offer both Category A and Category B fit-outs and with our tradesman, we are more than capable of completing all tasks such as first fixing plumbing and electrics, all the way to the finishing touches of a commercial fit-out in your office.

Retail Commercial Fit-Outs

Our commercial fit-out company will also refurbish old or outdated commercial premises to help you attract new customers and upgrade the current space you have. Whether it is a refurbishment or a completely new commercial fit out, we are here to help, by using our experts in the trade to help with your retail fit-out. Our 60 years of experience have seen us work with several professionals on retail projects such as Footasylum, Warren James, Wren Kitchen, Reiss and many more.


Leisure Commercial Fit-Outs

As a well-established and experienced interior fit-out company, we have also worked on several leisure and hospitality fit-out projects such as Fazenda, Junkyard Golf, Starbucks and Frankie & Benny’s. Each commercial fit-out project has finished on time, completing the requirements that have been requested from the client. With some of these projects, we started from the ground up and with others, we were asked to revive the existing space and make it more functional for both their employees and customers.


Hotel Interior Fit Outs

As a professional commercial fit-out company, we have worked with many hotels across the United Kingdom, including leading hotel chains Champneys, De-Vere, Amano Hotel and more. A completely new hotel fit-out is a great way to renovate your existing space, giving it a more attractive look and modern feel, making it more welcoming for your guests and visitors. Our fit out projects have included hotel lobbies, hotel bedrooms, shared areas and even gymnasiums.

Whether you’re working with an Office Project or a commercial space, here at T.A. Knox we understand you’ll want the final result to be nothing short of professional, functional and well-designed to meet the needs of your project. By using a commercial fit out company, you can ensure the details don’t get overlooked or lost in translation and that your project is led by fit out contractors who have many years of experience.

There are a number of benefits to using a commercial fit out company for your project, including closer management of time frames, reduction in overall costs and having a close point of contact throughout the duration of the project. We specialise in working with businesses of all sizes and we take pride in all of the projects that we have completed. Our reputation as a commercial fit out company is built upon over 60 years of experience, with a dedicated and passionate team of fit out contractors who take pride in their work. We can ensure that, by choosing us as your commercial fit out company, your project is completed on time, within budget and with minimal overall disruption.

A commercial fit out is the process of making an interior space suitable for occupation in line with the project it is needed for, whether it is a hotel space or Retail Project. This could include a complete refurbishment of the space, an upgrade to the existing area and interior or, a conversion to change the use of a commercial space. A commercial fit out could also take place following damage to a commercial space, such as flooding or a fire, where a complete strip out and fit out is required.

Commonly, following the construction of a commercial building, the spaces within the building are left clear so that commercial fit out contractors can then determine the level of fit out which is needed.

Commercial office fit outs are typically classified within three different categories - Category A, Category B and Shell Core fit outs. When deciding on a commercial fit out for your project, it is beneficial to understand more about the different types of fit outs available.

A Category A commercial fit out is what is typically found within commercial space that is ready for renting. It involves a basic functioning space that has some utilities, such as electrical wiring and plumbing. This type of commercial fit out involves the installation of features such as electrical outlets, HVAC systems, toilets and fire protection systems. The space is usually functional, but lacks secondary features within the design that make it fit and ready for the intended use.

A Category B commercial fit out takes business needs and image into consideration. This type of fit out involves installing the features and systems which are lacking in a project following a Category A fit out. This involves the more aesthetic design phase, where the space is made is made to be more specific to the project and can include the addition of window treatments, furniture, lighting installation and flooring.

Shell and core fit outs are when the framework of the building is in place, and is waiting for the fit out process to begin with a commercial fit out company. From the outside, the building may look complete, but it will be missing many important elements, such as power, interior walls, lighting and heating. This type of fit out allows businesses to custom-fit a space in line with the desired specifications, which is something that is more suitable for businesses that are taking up a lot of space. This is a much longer process, with more fit out contractors involved with the project.

A commercial fit out is a project which takes a completely blank and empty space and makes it ready for use. A refurbishment involves using what is already there, but adapting it to meet the needs of your business. There are, however, different levels of commercial fit outs. Some projects involve a full strip out of the premises back to a Cat A state, followed by a Cat B commercial fit out. This means that every element of the existing project will be removed and disposed of. This is perhaps the most comprehensive type of commercial fit out.

A refurbishment looks to combine elements already present within your space and add in new components based on suiting the changing needs of your business. The amount of work is dependent on the level of change which you are looking to implement, but our fit out contractors are on hand to provide you with advice and recommendations on your project. Typically, a refurbishment will involve the strip out and then re-installation of certain areas or elements within the space.